The Links’ support of The Arts can be traced to our cultured Co-founder Margaret Roselle Hawkins. Her innate artistic talent, discovered at a young age, earned her a four-year scholarship to the Women’s School of Design, later known as the Moore Institute of Art. Her passion for creative expression later led to her appointment as an art teacher and helped give root to the establishment of The Arts Facet in 1964 at the 14th National Assembly.

The Greater Denton County (TX) Chapter embraces Margaret Roselle Hawkins’ interest in the arts by partnering with local theaters, museums, schools, arts councils and festivals, and corporations to expose students to the diversity of art programs available in our community, particularly those that provide our students with exposure to Black artists and art from the African diaspora. Our goal is to create opportunities and foster programming that allow minority students in our communities to create, demonstrate, and present their perspectives and artistic talents to our community at large, educating all about the significance and beauty of the African-American artistic experience.